My love
Dinner with Kai’s mom Tammi and step dad Mika at Polli’s!

it’s all fun and games til Kai jumps off and splits his shin open so we have to rush him to the ER
Dinner at their dad’s house the other night! All the sons are the same height and so are the ladies 😋
dinner at sansei’s the other night with the boys and Allegra
the farmacy in Wailuku literally has the best acai bowls ever
We had to go to the ER everyday for the last three days but at least Wailuku is gorgeous
Maui lovin’

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’m in Maui with Kai visiting his family and friends! We’ve been busy everyday, and unfortunately he had to get stitches in his leg because he busted it open jumping off the rocks at Twin Falls. So depending on how fast he heals, we may be staying in Hawai’i a little bit longer than expected! His orders may change temporarily and they may have him do office work at the recruiting station. But for now I’ll be posting pictures that I have from the trip so far!